Consolidation Services

Cal Air Cargo's consolidation services offer shippers the ability to split the cost of shipping a full load of cargo. By combining multiple shipments, customers are able to benefit from reduced rates. This can save shippers time and money, as well as help them meet their delivery deadlines. Our consolidation services includes: freight sorting, freight consolidation, cargo tracking, and door-to-door delivery. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

Reliable and Secure Air Cargo Transport

Cal Air Cargo's consolidation services are reliable and secure. Our experienced staff and advanced cargo tracking technology ensure that all shipments are handled efficiently and securely. We also offer comprehensive rate analysis, so customers can make informed decisions about their shipping needs.

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

Cal Air Cargo's consolidated services provide shippers with a cost-effective and reliable way to ship their floral and other perishable goods. With the help of Cal Air Cargo's consolidation services, customers can save time and money, while still meeting their delivery deadlines.

Ready to see how Cal Air Cargo can help you grow your floral business through consolidated shipping services? Get a quote today.

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