Why Fly Cal Air Cargo?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Everyday flowers from all over the world land in Miami destined for distribution to florist, distributors, wholesalers and many more business types all over the United States and beyond.

A small percentage travels outbound from Miami on a door to door service model at a premium cost without much concern for refrigeration. The majority of product is put onto refrigerated trucks which is cost effective but requires volumes that are unobtainable by most. This option can take days to get to the final destination and temperature can fluctuate as well.

The Cal Air Cargo option uses commercial airlines to consolidate your shipment. The cost and time in transit when using Cal Air Cargo is much more affordable, and depending on your destination, your cargo will be in your cooler before the door to door services.

And this is how we do it:

  • We receive your order per our consolidation form (did you remember the console form)

  • We get your boxes from your shipper (sometimes kicking and screaming but we try not to hurt anyone}

  • We perform super secret government regimented stuff (it makes the airline stuff go much faster)

  • We consolidate your pallet (grown up Tetris)

  • We create your booking on the best carrier for that given day (this can be a little tricky)

  • We create your air waybill (do you remember when we used to use a pen?)

  • Yup… more of that super-secret government paperwork

  • We load the refrigerated trucks (Tetris again)

  • We go racing off to the airport

  • Submit picture of south Florida traffic here

  • Racing to the airport to wait in line if needed

  • (This is the part where that super secret government stuff can help!)

  • Get your boxes off the truck and into the hands of the airline for transport

  • Track boxes in customer service so that if you have questions the answers are ready!

All of this is done at A BALMY 38 degrees!

Keeping the cold chain consistent and your customers happy.

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