Ready for Take off!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Many years ago California Forwarding was re-branded as Cal Air Cargo. Chris sent his son Jeff to Miami, in his Toyota pickup truck and only a cell phone. Jeff went door to door for several years dropping off pre-printed air waybills to the Miami Importers and consulting as he went.

“We make air freight easy” was the new slogan and with Chris' support that’s what he did. By around 2002, we contracted with Delta cargo Miami for half of their cargo space and started handling and consolidating shipments for all of the airlines that we serviced.

We introduced the floral industry to direct flights as opportunities out of Ft. Lauderdale. We grew the business to become the premier domestic flower forwarder out of South Florida, enabling the airlines to staff their own personnel to handle cargo in general.

As we grew, we began working hand in hand with the TSA on developing a security program that has been successful, safe, and time efficient. It is the model we work with today and look forward to the opportunities and possibilities in the future in handling any perishable commodity from south Florida, California, New York, and the Pacific North West.

And that is how we took off and are still flying today.

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