The Benefits of Air Cargo Transportation for Fresh-Cut Flowers

Welcome to Cal Air Cargo, where we specialize in the delicate art of air freight logistics, particularly for the vibrant world of bulk fresh flowers. With over three decades of experience, we understand the nuances of international flower shipping. In this blog, we'll explore why air cargo transportation is essential for maintaining the freshness and beauty of cut flowers.

person loading flowers into a trunk

Timeliness: The Essence of Freshness

One of the key benefits of using air cargo for floral shipping is the speed of delivery. Fresh-cut flowers are incredibly time-sensitive, and our air freight services ensure that they arrive at their destination quickly, preserving their pristine condition. This rapid transit reduces the risk of wilting or damage, ensuring that the blooms are as fresh and vibrant as when they were picked.

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Global Reach, Local Touch

Our international flower shipping capabilities mean that exotic and seasonal flowers from around the world are just a flight away. This global reach allows florists and retailers to offer a diverse range of flowers to their customers, enhancing their offerings and satisfying customer demands for unique and rare blooms.

flowers stored in a warehouse

Maintaining Optimal Conditions

At Cal Air Cargo, we prioritize the integrity of each shipment. Our refrigerated air cargo services ensure that fresh-cut flowers are transported under ideal conditions, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level. This attention to detail in air freight logistics is crucial for protecting the flowers from temperature fluctuations that can compromise their quality.

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Safety and Security

Safety is paramount in our operations. With TSA X-ray services and stringent security measures, we ensure that every shipment of bulk fresh flowers is secure and protected throughout its journey. This commitment to security gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their valuable cargo is in safe hands.

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At Cal Air Cargo, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient and reliable air freight logistics for your floral shipping needs. Whether you're shipping domestically or require international flower shipping, our team is ready to ensure your fresh-cut flowers arrive in perfect condition. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your floral business bloom.

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