How Air Transport Powers the Floral Industry

Flowers hold the power to convey emotions, create unforgettable moments, and transform spaces with their beauty. If you're in the floral business, you understand the importance of ensuring that these delicate blooms reach your customers in their freshest and most vibrant state. This is where Cal Air Cargo comes in. As a leader in floral transportation, we specialize in providing seamless air cargo shipping solutions for the floral industry.

Keep reading and contact us today to learn more about how air transport helps supply businesses with perishable goods like flowers, food, and more!

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Efficient Connectivity

With our advanced booking system, your shipments are given priority, ensuring they receive the best class of service to maintain the freshness and beauty of your blooms. Whether it's shipping tulips from Holland or roses from Ecuador, air transport minimizes transit times, guaranteeing that your flowers arrive in perfect condition.

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Reduced Post-Harvest Losses

In the fast-paced floral industry, time is of the essence. Flowers are always vulnerable to deterioration after they have been picked, so we accommodate your urgent business with our advanced booking system. This streamlines your air freight logistics and minimizes delays. Whether you're catering to a wedding, a special event, or a daily influx of orders, our overnight service to most destinations ensures that your blooms reach your customers promptly.

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Temperature-Control Shipping

Maintaining the right temperature during transportation is pivotal to preserving the quality of your flowers. Our dedication to refrigeration sets us apart. From booking to X-ray screening, we ensure that your delicate cargo is safe in a controlled environment. Whether you're shipping delicate orchids or vibrant bouquets, our temperature-controlled services guarantee that your flowers stay fresh, vibrant, and ready to captivate your customers.

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Seasonal Availability

Air freight logistics allow your business to bypass the limitations imposed by geography and seasons. At Cal Air Cargo’s international flower shipping services, you can source and showcase a diverse range of blooms from various parts of the world, irrespective of the local growing seasons.

At Cal Air Cargo, we're more than just flower transport. We make perishable goods air freight easy with herbs and greens as well, extending our expertise to a variety of precious cargo. If you're looking to streamline your shipping process, our consolidation services offer a seamless solution. Contact us today for a quote and discover how our air freight solutions can enhance the success of your floral business.

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