Terms & Conditions

  1. In tendering this shipment, Shipper or Shipper’s Agent, warrants that Shipper is a Verified Known Shipper (VKS) to Cal Air Cargo, Inc. or is an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) in good standing and that proper documentation is presented to CAC upon tender.

  2. Shipper warrants that contents of shipment are correctly listed on drop tag and/or air bill and shipment contains no hazardous material, dangerous goods, or prohibited items.

  3. Shipper agrees to be bound by the ultimate carrier’s Condition of Contract as listed on the Ultimate Carrier’s Air Bill and that Cal Air Cargo’s Liability shall be no more than $0.50 per pound for any product loss or damage from negligence in handling while in Cal Air Cargo’s possession or Errors and Omissions in air bill preparations. Any claim for damage or loss of product while in the airline’s possession must be filed with the airline by Consignee or Shipper and is subject to the airlines Conditions of Contract of Carriage.

  4. In tendering the shipment, Shipper warrants that the product contained herein is properly prepared and packaged to withstand 72 hours of transit which may include exposure to adverse conditions.

  5. Shipper and Consignee shall jointly agree to pay Cal Air Cargo, Inc for all charges relating to this shipment.

  6. To expedite movement, shipment may be diverted to motor carrier for tender at an airport other than that originally specified.

  7. Cal Air Cargo, Inc. has no knowledge as to the value of any shipment. It is the shipper’s responsibility to inform CAC if declared value is to be entered in the air bill and the amount of such declared value, by entering that amount in the designated area on the face of the drop tag.

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